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Aluminum circle price per tone

2020-04-14 08:31:00

Aluminum circle price per tone in China is cheaper than other country, and the quality can be ensured, the delivery time is also short. Aluminum circle is a kind of accessory material commonly used in all kinds of processed products. Many users need to wholesale aluminum circles to meet the needs of processing and use. In the market, the price of aluminum fluctuates and the different processing technologies of aluminum circles will affect the wholesale price of aluminum circle. Therefore, when users want to wholesale, they need to effectively understand the factors that affect the wholesale price of aluminum discs, so that they can purchase a large number of aluminium circles materials at a more affordable price.

aluminum circle price per tone

First, the fluctuation of market aluminum price

Aluminum circles are processed from aluminum, so the fluctuation of market aluminum price will directly affect the aluminum circle price per tone, and the aluminum price in different time periods will cause the aluminum circle manufacturers to change the price, so users can choose to purchase under the condition of relatively stable market aluminum price, in order to better reduce the cost.


Second, differences in processing technology

The quality performance of different products in the processing technology of aluminum circle will also be different, the burr or batch edge or roundness of the edge will be different, the different natural processing technology will also affect the aluminum circle price, the semi-finished products with good process quality can also be more conducive to the processing and use of users after purchase, can reduce work accidents and sharpness of the edge, and also can ensure that it is not easy to deform split.


Third, different product specifications and material thickness

Different specifications or thickness of aluminum material in the processing of aluminum circle will have a certain impact on the aluminum circle price per tone. Especially for some aluminum circle with high aluminum content and high thickness, the price is relatively higher and the quality performance is better. Therefore, users can choose the thickness and specification according to the actual processing needs when choosing aluminum disc, so as to better save the price cost.

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