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Aluminum Circle For Lighting

2021-05-10 08:01:00

Aluminum circle for lighting is usually adopt 1060, 1070 aluminum alloy for making lamp covers, lampshade or lampshade. Lighting is an important part of architectural design and home design. With the rapid development of economy, the real estate market has developed rapidly, and the home building materials industry has also seen large-scale growth. The lighting industry has also risen and achieved considerable development. With the rise of the Internet economy in 1988, a large number of lighting brands have sprung up.

aluminum circle for lighting

The lighting industry is an emerging industry in the manufacturing industry formed with the development trend of bidding. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and aesthetics, the demand for lighting in the market is also increasing, and lighting is becoming more and more diversified. So which materials are better for the specific lighting materials?


0.2mm thick 1060-0 state aluminum circle for lighting has stable and reliable performance, and its aluminum content is 99.6%. It is a pure aluminum circle for lamp with high elongation, high tensile strength, good electrical conductivity, and excellent formability. It can be welded, has strong corrosion resistance, mature and stable technology, flat plate shape, high gloss, easy to process, and can be applied to busbars, power battery flexible connections, aluminum-plastic panels, lighting materials and other industries, and is praised by market users.


For the price of 0.2mm thickness 1060-0 aluminum circle for lighting, combined with market understanding, there are certain differences in prices, because from the perspective of the sales company, the product processing technology, product performance, specifications, and quality will vary, there are differences, and users have different specific needs, so the choices are different, so there are certain differences in prices.

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