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Aluminium Wafer Manufacturer

2022-05-26 16:49:36

Aluminium wafer manufacturer improve the technical level through the technological transformation, purchase advanced technical equipment, adopt large-scale production and operation, enhance the market competitiveness of the enterprise, make full use of local resources, and make every effort to develop and produce aluminum wafers to promote the sustainable development of the enterprise. Technology transformation will help aluminum wafer manufacturers to expand the main production of aluminum wafers, extend the industrial chain of enterprises, and promote breakthroughs in the development of industrial clusters.

aluminium wafer manufacturer

1, Advanced equipment performance, advanced technology level, low material consumption and energy consumption per unit product, high processing degree and processing capacity, stable equipment operation, high production capacity and labor productivity, high degree of continuity, mechanization and automation, it has high safety and hygiene requirements.

2, Strong applicability adapt to market conditions and have the ability to adjust production, which is conducive to developing domestic and foreign markets; adapt to the processing requirements of raw materials and other auxiliary materials; adapt to process technical requirements and match the production capacity of the aluminum wafer, the main equipment and The auxiliary equipment is matched with each other; it is compatible with the construction scale and product plan, and meets the use requirements and maintenance requirements under the existing technical conditions; it is compatible with safety and environmental protection, ensures safe production, and minimizes the discharge of "three wastes".

3, High reliability, high equipment maturity, using equipment that has been fully verified and used; high production stability, no danger to personnel; long service life.

4, The technically and economically reasonable equipment selected by aluminium wafer manufacturer is economical. If the equipment cannot meet the process requirements, production requirements, quality requirements, etc., consider purchasing foreign equipment; the equipment configuration should be balanced and reasonable, considering the comprehensive economy of the configuration of the entire production line, and choosing a small investment, low cost, high profit, economical and reasonable equipment selection scheme.

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