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Aluminium Wafer For Sale

2021-06-24 09:05:00

The aluminium wafer for sale use of hot rolled coil masterbatch, elongation, internal structure, and grain size are superior to cold rolling. The hot rolled aluminum wafers are especially for aluminum that need to be anodized. After oxidation, the surface texture is uniform and there is no color difference. It is also the advantage of hot-rolled aluminum wafers. Nowadays, the processing of high-end lamps and cookware is usually aluminum circle deep-drawn through stamping equipment or spinning equipment. There are high requirements for extension, and at the same time, it will be surface treated in the future, that is, anode. Oxidation treatment, and aluminum wafer not only has high elongation, but also has better anodizing effect, which is especially suitable for the use of this type of product.

aluminium wafer for sale

Haomei Aluminum is a leading supplier of aluminium wafer for sale based in China, the aluminum wafers product we export are widely used in making cooking utensils, lamp shade, road sign, containers and so on. The reasons why aluminum wafers have so wide application are:

1, Metal deformation conditions are good, spinning is suitable for processing high-strength materials that are difficult to deform.

2, A wide range of products, according to the ability of spinning processing, searchlight shells can be made; disc-shaped, hemispherical heads; milk cans and hollow-core thin-walled daily necessities.

3, High material utilization rate and low production cost. Compared with machining, spinning processing of aluminium wafer for sale can save materials by 20%-50%, up to 80%, and reduce costs by 30%-70%.

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