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Aluminium Disc Factory

2021-05-19 10:02:00

Haomei is known as one of the leading aluminium disc factory in China and get good reputation from customers. We Haomei Aluminum have rich experience on aluminum discs manufacturing, and our customers cover from cookware suppliers, traffic sign company and lighting enterprise. Haomei Aluminium offer high quality aluminum discs circle product with alloy of 1050 1060 1070 1100 3003 and 5052. The thickness is 0.3-6mm, and the diameter is 20-1200mm.

aluminium disc factory

Why does the aluminum circle product provided by aluminium disc factory Haomei Aluminum so popular on the market? That is because the high quality and good performance. Aluminum disc manufacturers process high-purity aluminum ingots into high-quality aluminum discs, they can be used in environments with corrosive gases. The reason why high-quality aluminum circles can be used in a wide range of applications is that the popular aluminum disc manufacturers use high-purity aluminum ingots during processing, so the density of aluminum wafers produced is very small, and It also has good chemical resistance, and can improve the strength of the product according to the customer's requirements, so that it can adapt to a variety of different working environments.


The aluminium disc factory make the raw material usage rate above 80%. Excellent uncoiling system software, six-fold leveling machine, high-rigidity mechanical press, active stacking system software, etc., to maintain the high quality of the wafer material. The production rate can reach 20-60 pieces per minute, which has developed productivity. Because of the modular design of the stamping die, when the aluminum disc production and manufacturing specifications are changed, the change time can be shortened to within 15 minutes. The diameter industry that can produce aluminium circles ranges from 85mm to 700mm.

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