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Aluminium circles used for cookware

2020-08-11 06:20:00

Aluminium circles used for cookware has features of light weight, high melting point, high thermal conductivity and low cost. The 1060 and 3003 aluminum circles used in kitchen cookers is because of its thermal conductivity, which is better than iron or stainless steel. The surface layer of aluminum kitchenware has a very stable oxide film, which is very suitable for use. The pant, pots and other cookware products produced by hot-rolled aluminum circles are not only good in heat dissipation, conductivity, corrosion resistance, light in material and easy to use for a long time.

aluminium circles used for cookware

With the continuous improvement of the level of economic and social development, people's increasing material life needs have also been improved. The requirements for kitchen utensils have long been not limited to use, and many convenient functions and aesthetic effects have been added. Hot-rolled aluminium circles are often used to make non-stick cookers, pressure cookers, aluminum plates for kitchen utensils, cookware, etc., due to their light material and corrosion resistance. The specially treated oxide film on the surface of aluminium circle for cookware has suitable thickness, stable performance, and can be safely recycled. At the same time, the stylish and atmospheric appearance of the hot-rolled aluminum discs perfectly harmonize the modern kitchen style, which is simple and refined.


The accuracy of the aluminium circles used for cookware is an important indicator to measure its quality, so professional tools need to be used to measure the accuracy of the aluminum circle during the production process. In order to ensure that the high-quality and high-priced  aluminium circles can be accurately measured, the staff should pay attention to the use of intact measuring tools when performing accuracy testing, and also pay attention to remove the burrs on the surface of the aluminum discs clean.

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