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Aluminium Circles Price Per Ton

2021-12-16 08:06:00

To get aluminium circles price per ton, in the face of so many aluminum circle manufacturers, it is hard to say which one is better. The specification and quantity are easy to confirm, but the quality and performance of aluminium circles are difficult to recognize by the naked eye. Based on purchasing experience, I recommend one to everyone: the aluminum circles produced by China aluminum manufactures are really good.

aluminium circles price per ton

Haomei Aluminum introduce a new automatic deflection production line with a monthly output of 600 tons. 120 sets of abrasive tools with a diameter range of 100-950mm. According to the different processing technology of customers, we mainly produce 1000 series cast-rolled and 3000 series hot-rolled aluminum circles. The surface of the aluminum circle is smooth and free of scratches, clean and oil-free, and the edges are smooth and free of burrs. It has excellent deep-drawing and spinning properties. Because of its low density, light weight, smooth surface, good extensibility and excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, aluminium circles are widely used in kitchenware, such as aluminum pans, aluminum pots, frying pans, baking pans, and aluminum grate; For lighting, such as lampshades, bases and decorative lights. Because of its excellent anti-corrosion properties, 3000 series aluminum discs are widely used in the production of road signs and traffic signs. Excellent elongation and grain size bring quality assurance for subsequent deep drawing and spinning processes.


Haomei Aluminum has introduced advanced production equipment, which has greatly improved production efficiency, shortened the production cycle and reduce aluminium circles price per ton. We has continuously absorbed feedback from customers, continuously optimized the production process, and strived for excellence to meet customer needs and provide first-class aluminium circles products as its own responsibility. For the specific production control, specifications and performance of the aluminum circles product, you can contact us at any time.

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