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Aluminium Blank Discs For Traffic Sign

2021-10-20 07:42:00

Aluminium blank discs offered by Haomei Aluminum are widely used for making road and traffic signs. With the continuous increase in the number of cars, traffic congestion is often formed. If there is a large-scale engineering construction journey, the main component of the traffic coverage is usually blocked. You can see the traffic police officers conduct a careful commander, which can make The road traffic is getting better and better. Seeing that you only need to follow the correct guidance of the traffic police force and carefully identify and identify the traffic signs, you can help to relieve the traffic pressure.

aluminium blank discs

After mastering the functions of traffic signs and signs, it is also necessary to master the matters that should be followed in the manufacturing process. Since it is necessary to promote the understanding of the signs and signs of various places for non-motor vehicles, its overall surface planning is also crucial. The advantages of using 5052 aluminium blank discs to make road traffic signs: aluminum traffic signs and traditional iron accessories, 5052 aluminum circle as a raw material has several advantages:

1:, High compressive strength, not easy to rust, the coating produced by the electrophoretic principle layer imitation enamel processing technology is not easy to rust no matter what kind of natural environment the aluminum discs traffic sign is manufactured.

2, Environmental protection and self-washing. Traffic signs and signage manufacturers use polyester gray-black powder spraying to make the protective fence goods have an excellent self-washing effect. The surface of the goods is bright, free of dust, precipitation and erosion, and can be as bright as a new mouth after cleaning with high-pressure water guns.

3, Color is better than colorful rainbow. The aluminum discs for traffic sign board is made of powder coating, the color is beautiful and durable, and it can be adjusted at will to meet customers' overall planning requirements for color.

4, The equipment is simple, only a screwdriver is needed to manufacture the traffic sign aluminum discs equipment to perform the non-electric welding equipment.


The rapid and open social and economic development has increased a lot of work, but it is not the human factor in the legal aspect, and the social development infrastructure has also won the relative speed of the start of the car, the number of private car ownership, and the increase in car work. Economic benefits also generate work pressure, transportation journeys, and various traffic accidents ranked first, various management tasks are imperative. The shaping of various aluminium blank discs traffic signs is conducive to the improvement of travel conditions.

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