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Alloy Aluminium Circle

2021-09-29 09:14:00

Alloy aluminium circle are the main raw material of household goods and industrial products through a series of processing technique. These aluminum circle alloys are 1060, 1050, 1070, 1100, 3003 and 5052. So, what is the effect of aluminum circle processing? What are the main processing methods of aluminum circles? What is deep processing? What principles should be paid attention to in deep processing?

alloy aluminium circle

First, before we understand the processing of aluminum circle products, let us take aluminum as an element. As we all know, alloy aluminium circle has good ductility, good flexibility and good electrical conductivity. Aluminum circle can be used in electric, lighting, traffic, food and other major industries. Next, let us understand aluminum products. There are many alloys of aluminum circle products, such as casting materials, pure aluminum alloys, aluminum-manganese alloys, aluminum-magnesium alloys, aluminum-copper-tin alloys, etc. After aluminum circles are processed, processing refers to the reproduction of aluminium circles, and the deep processing of aluminum circles refers to the improvement of semi-finished aluminium circles. This means that it is further manufactured on the basis of the original molded aluminum disc, which makes its performance more reliable.


The main processing methods of aluminium circles are rolling, extrusion, drawing and forging. The precision of the machine tool must be ensured in the deep processing of aluminum wafers. The higher the better, the machine tool generally uses a static bearing spindle. The tools used must be diamond-shaped solid tools, professionally polished.


Then, when cutting it with cutting fluid, you can directly use the mirror surface treatment to use the emulsion. One of the processing techniques of alloy aluminium circle is heat treatment, which is called finished heat treatment. The treatment includes finish annealing, solution treatment, quenching, natural aging and artificial aging treatment. At present, there are also graded aging and heat treatment processes. Artificial aging treatment can provide the mechanical properties of aluminum wafers and improve the stress corrosion resistance and fracture toughness of aluminum wafers.

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