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1050 Aluminum Discs Productors

2022-04-14 17:49:50

Choose 1050 aluminum discs productors from China help you to reduce purchase cost, shorten purchase period with no worries. The so-called good work must first be a sharp weapon, so if you want to produce high-quality products, you must use high-quality 1050 aluminum discs. Therefore, everyone must understand some basic quality judgment methods, and reputable 1050 aluminum discs manufacturers will compare them. The practical judgment methods have been summarized, and I hope you can refer to them when purchasing, so that you can purchase aluminum discs with reliable quality.

1050 aluminum discs productors

Haomei Aluminum is one of the 1050 aluminum discs productors, our company's main products include aluminum discs for cookware, aluminum discs for lamps shade, aluminum discs for traffic signs, aluminum discs for crafts, stamping aluminum discs, aluminum discs for cans, aluminum discs for liquid nitrogen tanks, 1050 aluminum discs for road sign and many more. According to the different post-processing techniques of customers, we mainly introduce 1000 series, 3000 series and 5000 series aluminum discs. The aluminum circle can be single-sided, double-sided lamination, paper, and other additional processes, any requirement, you can communicate with the company's technology in detail.

The surface performance of the 1050 aluminum discs productors is good, ensuring that there are no obvious scratches, oil stains, oxidation, black spots, the edge of the aluminum discs is neat and free of burrs, excellent deep drawing and spinning performance and low ear rate. Stamped aluminum discs are usually mainly annealed in the O state of 1050 alloy, which is similar to the products of this kind of aluminum coils processed into aluminum discs. We also all know that stamped aluminum discs are generally used in products with high stamping requirements and high requirements for various performance and process requirements of aluminum discs.

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