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Aluminum Circle Sheet | Sheet Circle


Applications of Aluminum Sheet Circle

Aluminum sheet circle are widely used in kitchenware, cookware, traffic sign, road sign, reflector-light, lamp cover etc.

Features of Aluminium sheet Circle

1. Wide range of selection on aluminium circles' size including customized shape and size;

2. Excellent deep drawing and spinning quality;

3. RoHS and REACH compliance.

Specifications of Aluminum Circle Sheet

Products NameAlloyPurityHardnessSpecification
Aluminum Discs1050, 1070, 300396.95-99.70%O, H12, H140.5-4.590-1020

Chemical Composition of Sheet Metal Circles

AlloySiFeCuMnMgCrNiZnCaVTiOtherMin Al

Mechanical Properties for Aluminum Circle Sheet Metal

TemperThickness(mm)Tensile StrengthElongation(%)Standard
O0.4-6.060-100≥ 20GB/T3190-1996
H120.5-6.070-120≥ 4
H140.5-6.085-120≥ 2

Specification Tolerances

Blanked and Sheared Circle Products
Thickness(mm)Diameter Range (D)(mm)
0.5-4.5D ≤ 455455< D ≤ 1000 1000< D ≤ 1200
+/- 0.079 +/- 0.099+/- 0.015
The max dimension may vary according to individual specifications

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