Application of Haomei Aluminum Discs

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Application of Haomei Aluminum Discs

Aluminum Discs is mainly used for general commercial and industrial uses, like the capacitor case, toothpaste case, medical tubes, kitchen ware, spray bottle, cosmetic case and glue tube case,road sign, cookware, pot, pan, decorating and so on . With high quality casting and rolling coils or hot-rolled coils as raw materials ,it goes through different cold rolling deformation. slitting, annealing and finally stamping into an aluminum discs, then packaging for delivery.

Mechanical  Properties Temper Thickness(mm) Tensile strength Elongation
Aluminum disc O 0.3-6 60-100 ≥20
Aluminum circle H12 0.3-6 70-120 ≥4
H14 0.4-6 90-120 ≥2
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